Valentine’s Day Gifts for HER

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and what could be lovelier than surprising your mother/sister/best friend/aunt/grandmother/cousin with a thoughtful gift? NOTHING. I know that Valentine’s Day is a couples holiday but why not change the rules this year? Why not give a little something to someone you may have forgotten to show them how much you care about them?


Instagram prints from Printstagram — she loves Instagram and you adore her, so print out all of her favourite photos, and make your own little photo book. All you need is $15 for 48 mini-prints, a hole punch, and some string. It’ll brighten her day!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 8.30.20 PM

Personalized skin from GelaSkins — she started her own business/is obsessed with her dog/loves a certain band/travels a lot etc.. for under $50 you can put THAT on her favourite device! Every time she picks up her phone/iPad/MacBook she’ll think of you!

Journal and Pen from Indigo — she’s a thinker/a writer/to-do-lister and she deserves this beautiful journal and tres chic pen to carry around with her. Try writing a heart-felt letter on a random page, then wait patiently until she gets to it!


Expressions Pillows from Indigo — she’s just moved into her new apartment and you now her well enough to pick out the perfect quote. A quote she’ll want to read every single day…


A bottle of Fresita Sparkling Wine — it’s been a long week, surprise your hard-working bestie with a bottle of Fresita, some gossip, and a few laughs.


A copy of I AM THAT WOMAN by Vanessa Shields — because she is that woman and will relate to this book of poetry in more ways than you know.

Do YOU celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is there anything else I can add to my list?


Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

Photo Credits: PinterestPrintstagram, Gelaskins, Indigo Journal and Pen, PillowsFresita Sparkling Wine, I Am That Woman


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