most like herself

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She feels most like herself when she walks crowded streets, blending in. She feels most alive when the crisp wind hits her face and her legs pinch with cold. She can see best with her big square glasses, turning and staring at whatever and whoever catches her by surprise. She loves old buildings and tiny restaurants. Restaurants so loud and squished, that you’re in your own little world. When liquid courage is on the menu, a glass of white wine is her choice. She feels stronger, speaks with more conviction, and can say no wrong. Her food of choice is always pasta — gnocchi if you please. Her guest of choice is the man across from her — shaved head, brown eyes, and a smile that puts her at ease.


A night in the city is what she craves, a job downtown, an event, a cool workspace. To see the CN Tower every single day, to feel alive in the simplest way. She feels most like herself when she’s downtown, breathing in the heartbeat of the city, not living the same day over and over in a little town.


Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

Photo 1 Credit: My Pen, My Voice.;*

Photo 2 Credit: Pinterest 

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