13 things to do before I TURN 25 (in 65 days)

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After yesterday’s post, one of my readers suggested I come up with my own list of things to do before I turn twenty-five. I could think of a million more but let’s start with these…

1. go to a poetry slam with Cousin Amanda

2. go to Bar Buca with my sister and brother-in-law

3. shadow my mentor for a day to see if ‘Community Manager’ could be the right job for me

4. become a brand ambassador *don’t know how, but will find out!

5. spend an evening with my best friends and a few bottles of wine

6. buy a Polaroid camera/take more photos

7. believe in myself/break free

8. send a story or poem into a magazine/website

9. listen to music I’ve never heard before *suggestions @ROKR_CHIK ?

10. read my favourite books to my niece *the balloon tree for starters

11. go mini-putting with my love

12. go to Ripley’s Aquarium

13. visit the shops in the junction

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

Photo Credit: Poetry, Bar Buca, Wine with the girls, Polaroid camera, Music, Balloon Tree

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