I am "THAT WOMAN" [Book Review]

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This morning, I sat down with I AM THAT WOMAN by Vanessa Shields and a cup of coffee. I was swept away by this beautiful collection of poetry. Vanessa Shields is a writer, poet, and novelist living in Windsor, Ontario. We’re Twitter friends, and I am now a huge fan of her work. I’m also a writer (poetry and other things) living in Ontario, so not only do we share a name but a love for the written word. Her poems are strong, sexy, seductive, and raw. She lives on the page, she breathes life into her words, and bleeds until she makes you cry. I do have favourites and have flagged them all (Tell Me Stories, Space to Unload, There, Using Cancer to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket, Why I Won’t Meet Tom Cruise For The First Time When I’m In A Coma, Where Is The Love?, A Woman’s Love, etc). I love the poems about writing, I adore her poems about love, and her poems about sex and love quench a thirst I haven’t known before. Her words and poems are imaginative, feminist, and so real they will give you goosebumps. When Vanessa signed my book she wrote, May you find pieces of yourself on these pages. Although I may not know what giving birth is like, or How to Sneeze After You’ve Given Birth Twice, pieces of myself found me as I flipped through the pages. I (too) AM THAT WOMAN. This book of poetry is the only book I will keep in my purse at all times, I want to savour it over and over again.

My passion is thick

My bravery is imperfect

My soul is scarred and mended

My here is shattered and sewn

And I am not alone

I recommend this book all of you poetry lovers out there.

Click here for information on the book launch!


Talk soon, 

Vanessa Xo

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of  I am That Woman by Vanessa Shields for an honest review.

Book Launch Photo Credit: VanessaShields.com 

Quote from: page 43 of  I am That Woman

Edited by: Grammarly 

2 thoughts on “I am "THAT WOMAN" [Book Review]

  1. Thank you Vanessa! This is a stellar review…I can’t believe it’s about my words!! Ha! I’m grateful we’ve connected and that you’ve shared your time and words for my book!

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