whatever will be, will be

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Friday is usually my least favourite day of the week – busiest day at a pizza place, but yesterday wasn’t so bad.


Spent time with this guy.


Read a bit of The New Yorker then I wrote about a man I know.



Discovered this guy (JAKE BUGG) thanks to The New Yorker. Downloaded his latest album, Me and You is my new favourite song. His lyrics are amazing and his voice melts into your bones, check it out.


Received this from my favourite Online Marketing Coordinator at Random House. Review will be up in February <3.


Headed to my cousin’s new condo to congratulate him on the move. Had a few glasses of Girl’s Night Out (those things were made for hangovers) and chatted with a few of my favourites. So proud of Cousin Steven (love you!).

At work I had a very important conversation with my boss (he’s like a third Nonno to me). We both have goals in which we would like to accomplish by Spring. We both have a good feeling about Spring 2014 (we’re also psycho psychic). The problem is that when you’re desperate for a solution it doesn’t come. It’s like the world feels how badly you want it and decides that you’re going to have to calm down and wait your turn. That’s exactly what my boss and I must do!

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

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