My Grown-Up Christmas

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When you grow up Christmas is less about the presents and more about time spent with the ones you love. It’s more about having an intense debate with a family member, or a great conversation over a glass of wine. It’s more about relaxing, enjoying, and maybe even reminiscing over years gone by. It’s more about learning new words (diatribe) and making plans. It’s about making your niece laugh, making your cousin smile, and appreciating every single gift received. It’s also about wonderful surprises, like this one:


Remember that girl I went to New York with, one of my besties since the tenth grade? Well, her and my cousin got engaged this Christmas and I couldn’t be more thrilled! And while I used to be all:





Now I’m all:





And then I end up like this…

IMG_5136(I am overly emotional since the birth of my niece)

 I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be exciting and extremely busy! No one ever said that growing up would be easy, in fact they said it would be really hard but what they forgot to mention is how wonderful it is to grow up with amazing people. To share and witness all of their milestones and to have their support through all of yours.

Bring on a new year, I’m ready.

Talk soon, 

Vanessa Xo


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