A collage of dreams come true…

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I wrote a blog post about Dream Jars in April of 2012. The intention was to get all of my hopes and dreams on paper, look at them once a month, and eventually make a collage of them, a collage of dreams come true. Honestly, I haven’t checked back on them in over a year, part of me forgot all about it but the part that remembered was afraid that I hadn’t accomplished any of them. Out of sheer curiosity I went through them this week. With an anxious chest and tired eyes I read through all of my dreams and hopes. Some of them I laughed at, some of them I achieved, some I didn’t remember, while others are still works-in-progress. I’d like to share them with you, I think it might do me well to have them written and out there on my blog instead of hiding them away in a jar. Here they are, my dreams in progress…

Make my mom proud April 16, 2012

*Write books/blogs that influence teens in a positive light, that help them become confident and radiant March 28, 2012*

Marry him, buy a house, have baby, live happily ever after April 1,2012

*Quit Caruso’s for GOOD! FIND A CAREER! May 29, 2012*

Go back to New York! ❤ October 2012

Get married in a bookstore June 15, 2012

*Learn to cook. Paint. Dance. Create. April 1, 2012*

*Write a Y.A. novel  March 29, 2012*

Go to Chicago with Alex May 29, 2012

*Rid of my anxiety March 30, 2012*

*Travel to England, see Big Ben, go to Barter Books, William S. Birthplace March 28, 2012*

Wear my mother’s wedding dress… April 16, 2012

Find a job that I don’t hate April 1, 2012

I’m not surprised by my hopes and dreams – I’m still working on the ones with the astericks and am not too focussed on the whole getting married thing right now. I think I’ll add a few more dreams to this list…

LIVE AND WORK IN THE CITY December 4, 2013 

Go on a European Adventure December 4, 2013

Write another novel, find an agent December 4, 2013


Dreams are beautiful and fulfilling them only inspires even bigger dreams.

Working towards something is my favourite part of living – that, and love.

Dream it, live it, love it.

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo 

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