I heart bookish events @HarperCollinsCa

Is there anything more magical than congregating with others that share my insane obsession for the written word and faraway worlds? I think not. So when I received an invitation to CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAY’S with HARPERCOLLINS, I rsvp’d with a heck yes!  You can read my full recap of the event on Chic Darling but I wanted to share some extra photos from the event, since it was insanely lovely.

The best part of the night was spending it with my best friend. It was her first book event and I am so thrilled that she loved it too. It was great to have her there, she made me feel at ease when trying to network, something that I’m not always good at. I do enjoy meeting new people (like Rachel from thespoonfulofhoney.com), chatting about their careers and my own, as well as, our dreams and aspirations. I always find these chats inspirational and motivating — if she can do that, than I can do it too! My best friend is highly motivating, she’s always asking me what I want, what my passions are, and where I see myself. She’s always pushing me to try new things, to get out of my own way, and to get over the senseless rut I’m in.


Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo


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