What fixes everything?

Just for Fun, Lifestyle/Personal

“Chocolate, yeah…and sex.”

– a customer

That was just the beginning of a conversation had between myself and two of my regular customers. Let’s just say that I served their cappuccinos (extra foam, chocolate, and cinnamon) with a flushed face and cheeks sore from laughter. These ladies are older than my parents, with contagious laughs, and the brightest smiles I’ve yet to see. They treat me like an adult but still slip a few chocolates or some spare change in my TIP JAR. I enjoy their weekly visits but this week they made my day. I let my walls down, as well as, my prudish disposition and enjoyed a conversation with two women who have seen and understood more of this crazy world than myself. The best part? I made them laugh! On their way out one of the ladies left me with some advice and thanked me for putting her friend in a better mood. I guess sometimes it is better to let go, to let loose, and to forget about your self-consciousness.


 Free your mind, let your heart breathe, say something silly, it just might make your day.

Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo

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