“P like Pneumonia”

A good day for me consists of work, laughter, and love. For a great day, add a bit of hand-holding, a delicious meal, a glass of wine, and a stroll on King Street West. Wednesday was a great day. To celebrate the upcoming birthday of my boyfriend’s mom, we all went downtown for dinner and a show — that show being I LOVE LUCY

I thought the show was absolutely amazing! I loved the audience interaction (since we were the “live studio audience” while they filmed two episodes of the show), the actors (Lucy absolutely nailed Lucy’s mannerisms, laughter, singing, and voice), and the commercials that played between scenes (Chevrolet, Palmolive, and Mr. Clean just to name a few). I also LOVED the costumes and the slapstick comedy that the T.V. show did so well. Seeing Lucy and the gang in colour was a treat and something I think die-hard fans really went wild for. The best part about the show was getting caught up in it, being able to pretend like we’re back in the 50’s, in a simpler time, with simple and sweet gut busting comedy. Anyone who is a fan of Lucy should check out this production, it really is wonderful.


Talk soon,

Vanessa Xo 


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