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Have you ever had a conversation that rattled you to the core? The kind of conversation that stayed with you for days and struck such a nerve that you couldn’t think of anything else? The kind of life-changing conversation that brought a tear to your eye? I worked on Thanksgiving Sunday and one of our regular customers came in. He and my bosses got on the topic of LIFE. That big bold all-consuming word. Their conversation went from working to cell phones to today’s generation. They touched on how technology is great if used in the right way. They discussed how it’s making us stupid and distracted. They talked about how my generation doesn’t LIVE, they simply EXIST, and mostly online. They feed off the “likes” and “retweets” and “followers”. They are obsessed with keeping up with The Kardashians everyone else. They are sheep who consume before they think, that follow before they question. Then he looked right at me and asked, “When you’re on your death-bed, are you going to regret anything? Are you going to smile because you’ve LIVED instead of existed?”


I mean come on, how do you get asked that question and expect to fall asleep that night? Thankfully he didn’t expect an answer but he definitely made me think. Not everyone I know is the way my bosses and this gentleman described but I am not going to sit here and say that I’m not. I’m not saying that I have to be a rebel or that I should get rid of social media all together, all I’m saying is that I don’t want to live a distracted life. I want to see and hear and feel everything.

Life is a series of experiences and if you’re too afraid or distracted to have them, what kind of life are you going to live?


Love Always

Vanessa Xo

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