Foodie Day-Date: BURGERS

On Saturday the boyfriend and I decided to try a new burger place. We’re huge fans of burgers and are on a mission to find a burger as good as the one we had in New York three years ago. We have yet to find a burger as delicious as the one we had at Shake Shack (yes, I can still taste it when I think about it).

So far, Burger’s Priest and Five Guys have come the closest but after a rave review from my Uncle, we had to try out The W Burger Bar on Caledonia.

The verdict: I love the way the restaurant is decorated, all of the black and red reminds me of a modern 50’s diner. The photos are pretty awesome as well, Marilyn Monroe eating a burger, Woody Allen and what’s-her-face having a milkshake, etc. The service was great and efficient with the waitresses taking our orders via iPhone but the burgers….well, the burgers I found a little dry, mostly around the edges. The meat itself was tasty although I couldn’t quite pinpoint the spice on it. The fries were probably more enjoyable than the burger, they were thin and salty and had a little potato skin still on them too. I left feeling full but extremely tired and a little bloated, something I’ve never felt after Five Guys. The bill was no more expensive than Five Guys but my disappointment in the burger made it difficult for me to reach for my wallet.

If Five Guys is a 4.5 on my chart and Shake Shack is a 6.5 (out of 5) than I’d give The W Burger Bar a 3.5.

Have you tried any tasty burgers in the city?

Where should we go next to find the BEST BURGER IN TORONTO (and surrounding area)?


Love Always

Vanessa Xo


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