Newspaper Clippings


I’ve never been a huge fan of newspapers, all of that depressing news, stained fingertips, and sad columns weren’t really my thing. That is until my boss started cutting out articles that he thought I’d enjoy. Since then I’ve not only been reading skimming through the paper every single day at work but I’ve been collecting articles that mean something to me: articles that inspire me. So far I have two clippings saved, the first one about the all of the Canadian authors who made The Booker List this year. My favourite part of that one is a quote by Ruth Ozeki (author of A Tale for the Time Being):

“But honestly…it’s hard to say where a book really comes from, but it happens…Canada has always been a great place for literature…It’s strong and growing stronger and there will always be reading and there will always be great writers.” 

The second article is one that I found on Saturday while having brunch at The Soho House in Toronto. It’s a wonderful piece about a couple renewing their vows after 70 years of marriage. This article paints a beautiful picture about love, about soul-mates, about understanding and accepting the person you’re with. It literally warmed the cockles of my heart, their kind of love is one worth reading about.


Okay, so this collection of clippings is rather small but I’ve decided to keep them and to tack them to my wall. I will continue to collect inspiring stories and keep them where I can see them. Who knows what kind of REAL, wonderful, and enlightening stories I’ll find? Who knew that REAL stories could be just as exciting as the fictional novels that I read? Not me.


Love Always

Vanessa Xo 


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