Big Heroes

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I’m currently reading Cataract City by Craig Davidson and I cannot stop re-reading a certain part, a part about big heroes.

“Big heroes, you know? Larger than life. As you grow up you find most heroes are the same size as anyone else; their heroics are small, selfless and continual.”

What a wonderful thought — growing up and realizing how many heroes we have in our lives. I can think of a few heroes in my life that are no taller than six feet, no stronger than you or me, and no wiser than your average Joe. But when called into action they are prepared, donning an invisible cape, a sword, and a shield. When my heart aches in agony and my whole body shuts down they put everything aside to rub my shoulders, to spoon me as I weep, or even to listen, just listen to me. Even though I wish I could shower them with a million praises and a thousand gifts, real heroes will have none of that. Their actions are selfless, constant, and true: all they want is a smile or two.

I tend to forget about the real heroes in my life. I tend to take their constant affection and attention for granted. I forget how much they care about me and how much they want me to be happy.


My heroes, they know who they are, are the reason I’m standing tall, strong, and proud.

* hug your heroes *


Love Always

Vanessa Xo

Quote from page 15 of the ARC of Cataract City

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