Lost Girl at Heart — #Travel #Life #Leap

Thanks to Not A Model’s review of The Lost Girls, I decided to pick up a copy. I’m only a hundred or so pages in (I’m trying to enjoy this book rather than swallow it whole), I have already learned a few important things. For starters I need to write better — their descriptions are beautifully written and vivid, without being pretentious. Secondly, I need to take more chances and make a few changes, but changes that are RIGHT FOR ME, right now. I don’t think I could drop my life and travel for a year through South American countries (like The Lost Girls) but my need for travel is still burning strong. I feel like I’m in the same little lost boat as the girls who penned this book — trying to figure out the next step of my life and what I want from it. I’m a little lost and my need to compare and contrast my life with other is hindering my vision. My future is clouded by other people’s decisions, commitments, and destinies. I need to paddle my way through all of their decisions and figure out exactly what I want, for now, and later. Then I need to take a leap of faith (whenever that ‘then’ may be).

‘There’s a Buddhist saying that goes “Leap, and the net will appear.” I didn’t understand what the restlessness was that was driving me, but I was compelled to take the leap. I could only have faith that there would be a net to catch me if I fell.’ 



Love Always

Vanessa Xo


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