Introducing Pizza Vanessa

Today was a beautiful day. The sky a perfect blue, the air fresh and light, and the sun bright and warm. You’d think walking into work on a day like this would be depressing but it wasn’t. I was inducted into Caruso Hall of Fame. After more than 7 years of work, my boss created a pizza and named it after me.


Red and white grapes, fresh rosemary, soft goat cheese, and mozzarella (no sauce). Savory, sweet, and a little but weird, like Me! It has a deliciously light, fresh, and odd flavour, one I reckon you should try!


I Instagramed that photo this morning with the description I call it my second home… Why? Well, not only do I feel safe and comfortable but I always end a shift with some kind of knowledge gained. Today, when the power went out at 11 Am I learned how important basic math skills are. I also learned that there are many things we can’t control, you just have to roll it. Stretch a pizza, make a coffee, serve the customers, and don’t freak out!

Love Always
Vanessa Xo

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