Well, Honey, I've got some news for you…

Hey You, yes YOU (and Me). I know right now life seems a little weird. Nothing makes sense. You’re in your mid-twenties with years of school under your belt and no career in sight. Everything seems kind of helpless and you quite enjoy wallowing in self-pity. You’re having a grand time hiding from the world, sitting quietly in your corner (nobody puts baby in a corner), waiting for something to happen, for your dreams to come true. Well, Honey, I’ve got some news for you…

3664584_origOr, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN, USUALLY WHEN YOU’RE BUSY DOING SOMETHING ELSE. Everything good that has happened in my life has happened when I stopped thinking about it, when I stopped doing nothing and started doing something. The moment I started working hard, good things found me. Nothing in life is free and even if it seems like it comes easy for some people, it doesn’t. EVERYONE HAS TO WORK FOR SOMETHING and it’s about time you stop feeling sorry for yourself and start enjoying your life. Start making a life.

Love Always 

Vanessa Xo

P.S. The Blog Tour(ish) for My Pen, My Voice has begun — check out the first review on I Believe in Story. XX

My Pen My Voice


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