321285_5906191_b_large“All her life…had been building up to something. She felt it as a bubbling restlessness inside her, a straightness along her spine that occasionally came across as terseness, but which she did not really intend. She was of the opinion that one really ought to do something with one’s life, especially if they had the necessary resources, but she had not yet fixed upon what this should be.” – The Opposite of Falling

I’ve been fidgeting uncontrollably for the past week. My stomach has knots and my heart is fluttering. I must always be doing something or I’m simply wasting my time but I can’t sit still long enough to get out a decent paragraph, an educated thought, a purposeful plan.

My dad tells me to be patient, my mom asks me to relax, my boyfriend is convinced I’m going to give myself an anxiety attack. I just want to do something and to relax long enough to focus. Damn this restless heart, this anxious soul, and these twitching legs that just want to run.

Love Always 

Vanessa Xo


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