It’s a little vain…

Whenever I get a little down, I tend to obsess over Pinterest and Twitter searching for positive life affirming quotes. I also hang out with positive people who can distract or enlighten me, who remind me why I hate being a Negative Nancy (SP, RP, JP, AB). So what if I have to go ask my old boss for some hours? So what if I’m not exactly where I want to be right now? So what if I’m not as settled as some people I know? So what if my life is a little up-in-the-air? Is that any reason to be embarrassed? I’m literally doing everything I can do to get myself where I want to be and that should be enough. It’s funny how when a function is coming up and the guests are people you haven’t seen in a long time, you start second-guessing your life. You start to worry about what they will think about you, you wish you had better things to say about your life, you spend days picking out your outfit to make sure you impress them. People you never see.

photo 1


Who cares?

Not me. At least I know that I shouldn’t because there’s nothing to be embarrassed about and it’s a little vain to think that these people actually give two shits about how well (or poorly) your life is going. So buck up, shut up, and just enjoy the small-talk. You’ve got more important things to give your attention to, like the review you need to write, the next Workstory interview you need to conduct, asking your ex-boss for a few hours so that you can pay the bills, and that little something on Amazon that you need to look into…

It’s time to pull up the big girl pants and get focussed on the important things.

Love Always

Vanessa Xo 


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