New Notebook Mantra/Canada Day Relaxation

photoI found this quote on Pinterest while searching for a mantra for my new notebook. This quote encompasses all of my emotions from the last week. The thing to remember is that you will never regret working hard, even if things don’t get easier.

You know what makes life a tad easier? A long drive on a beautiful day, singing and laughing with the love of your life. The bf and I headed East to visit his aunt and uncle at Rice Lake on Sunday. Mimosas, cards, Frustration (the game), good conversation, and lots of food was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. There is something magnificent about driving to a place where reception is scarce and fresh air is abundant. You can breathe and think so much clearer when your phone is away, when you lay down and fall asleep to the sounds of the bees buzzing and frogs croaking — add a great book into the mix and you’ve got one heck of a great long weekend.

I feel so relaxed and refreshed after such a wonderful weekend. I’m ready to take on the week, ready to keep applying and searching for the job of my dreams.

I’m ready for the next step of this crazy little thing called life…

Love Always

Vanessa Xo


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