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Spending three-months working downtown Toronto will do a lot to a girl. I’ve changed more than I can fathom or explain but I’ll try. Everyone in Toronto has a distinct style — they all look different but equally fabulous, confident, and self-assured. With their manicured nails, vintage clothing, and high-heels, my outfits and flats are quickly put to shame. Not that anyone cares or pays attention, really. I’ve been paying attention though and as I look at my reflection in the mirror before I leave for work, I rarely like what I see. I buy clothes for comfort or because my mom says it looks good on me but I don’t have a distinct style. I don’t have  a few great statement pieces that I can mix and match, I have a maximum of 8 pairs of shoes that I never wear (5 or 6 of which are heels), I don’t know what outfits are ME.


I wonder what my clothing says about me. I really do. Given that I’m hoping to interview for jobs, attending bookish (and other) events, I really want what I wear to fit seamlessly with the woman I am becoming. So, I’ve enlisted the help of one of my favourite people (@Unitlibecame) and fairly soon we’ll be making-over my wardrobe. Steven is fabulous and he knows me well enough to not just put me in outfits that are “in” but to help me find a style all my own, clothing that represents who I am.

And THAT is going to be the fun part.

… I hope.

Have any fashion advice pour moi? Let me know in the comments! ❤

Love Always

Vanessa Xo 

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