Bursting the Bubble [Week 10]

Bursting the Bubble

This week on Bursting the Bubble I want tell show you a few things. I’ve been told that Toronto is beautiful in the summer. I, being the weird-ish Italian girl from up North (a co-worker’s description not my own), have never experienced it and took this week to find said beauty.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 1

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photo 3

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You’re right, Toronto is beautiful in the summer and I thoroughly enjoy coming downtown to work every single day. However, you can take the girl out of the suburb but you can’t take the suburb out of the girl — THIS girl anyways. As much as I love becoming “so-Toronto” (my best friend’s description not my own), I love being “so-Bolton” too. I love coming home, to my little town with big houses, green lawns, large fields, and a vast clear sky. I always assumed that I’d want to live downtown, right in the heart of the city but this internship has taught me otherwise. I want to WORK in the city and LIVE in the suburbs — reasonably close to a subway station if possible. It would be experiencing the best of both worlds, my two favourite worlds. The hustle and bustle of the city, the loud and always delayed subway, the many many faces rushing to work in the morning, and then the quiet picturesque scenes of Bolton, the long roads leading nowhere, and the calm constant breeze with its tiny hint of manure.

photo 3

Thanks to this internship I’m learning more about myself and what I want out of life. I feel myself growing, changing, and becoming a little more independent. I’m finding it easier to be honest with myself, to relax, and to get things done. There are so many little things I’m finding out about myself, like the fact that I genuinely like people. I like talking to them, I like helping them, I like being social — this coming from a girl who would lie to her friends to avoid going to parties. Apparently this once shy and immensely quiet girl is capable of socializing and interacting with people on many different levels.

Maybe I’m coming out of my shell a bit more, maybe I’ve found a grain of confidence, who knows?

Regardless, I’m loving it.

I feel more like myself now than ever before.

Love Always

Vanessa Xo

3 thoughts on “Bursting the Bubble [Week 10]

  1. I totally get this! Except I’m definitely more country than suburbs which is a problem with working downtown Toronto… I don’t think many people at RHC realized how country and up North-like I actually am while I was there since I’m living in a city to the south of Toronto right now. I’m glad you’re still enjoying the growth part of the internship. I think that helped me, too. Good luck with your last couple of weeks. I’ll be done my internship next Friday…eek.

  2. I’ve been loving this series! I was in Toronto for two days this past week and I absolutely loved it. I think I’m a “big city” girl myself, but my significant other isn’t at all – so we have a bit of compromising to figure out soon haha.

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