Live. Laugh. Rest. You’re only human.

It seems funny to me that on Sunday I found myself hunched over my laptop, my shoulders tweezed together with tension, my eyes focused, my brain working, and my fingers moving faster than my thoughts, when on Friday and Saturday I was hanging loosely like a towel on a hook. My entire body relaxed and limp, my brain unthinking, my nerves gone, my heartbeat back to its normal pace. Just hanging. Hanging out; I finally understand what that means. Friday night I had an impromptu girls night with my sister and cousin. I overdosed on dairy and sugar products, laughter, and chatter, and it felt good.

On Saturday I tried to read and write but instead I watched movies with my family and my boyfriend (Hotel Transylvania, The Words, and The Lorax). I thought of nothing, I wanted for nothing but the moment I was living in. I felt an intense kind of calm, one that I’ve only ever felt on vacation, when I’m far away from reality. Every time I thought about what had to be done on Sunday, I sliced that thought in two and kept slicing until it became nothing. I ate well and slept well, which allowed me to work well on Sunday.


Life is a special occasion — make the most of it.

Allow yourself to rest, to feel, to slow down, to stop.

You’re only human, even though you act like a Superhero.

Love Always

Vanessa Xo


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