A Girl Who Reads

Chic Darling shared this video on Twitter the other day, I thought it was not only worth sharing but worth writing my own adaptation of it.

I want a man who speaks

A man who can hold a conversation no matter the speed

A man whose voice never deters

No matter the subject, phobia, or fears.

I want a man who can look me in the eye

and command the conversation once in while

A man who’s well-lived and well-versed in modern affairs

who knows facts, people, and worldly cares.

A man that I can learn from and who doesn’t mind being taught

A man I can fight with — right or wrong

A man who loves a challenge, no matter what it be

A man who can make my heart race from the pressure of his palm upon my knee.

A man whose strength, enthusiasm, and desire

matches my own

thank goodness, this man, I already know.


Love Always

Vanessa Xo

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