High Tea on 4/20

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Yesterday afternoon I went to High Tea at the King Edward Hotel with Steven. After hearing all the hoopla about High Tea, we decided that we had to check it out and what day would be more appropriate than 4/20?

When I arrived at Steven’s house, I was all: I’M SO EXCITED FOR TEA, LET’S GO!


Of course we were the first people in the dining room and even when ladies and gentlemen piled in, we were a little upset that no one was dressed like this…


Slowly but surely we got over the fact that there would be no Queens, duchesses, Princesses, or big hats to gawk at during tea time, so we got down to business. After choosing out teas (Earl Grey for myself and some Jasmine concoction for Steven) and the Ploughman’s High Tea the real fun began. And by that I mean we did the classicist thing possible: we took photos, we gossiped, we laughed louder than anyone in that room, we forgot to use the leaf strainer, I nearly broke my teapot, and we may or may not have let a few bad words out of the bag.

I’m still not quite sure I understand why High Tea is such a big thing but it was definitely a fun afternoon downtown. The King Edward Hotel is gorgeous, the atmosphere is regal and grand, and the tea itself is fantastic. I think anything can be worth your while if you’re doing it with the right people. It seems that I really needed tea time and a great chat with Steve. His advice is unparalleled, his wisdom uncompromised, and his fashion sense is simply inspired. Thanks for all of the laughs Steve! Next time we’ll grab brunch and head over to Ben McNally Books store.

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday!

Go out and enjoy the sun today.

Love Always

Vanessa Xo 

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