I'm a failure and so are you.

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This week is FAILURE WEEK at Hazlitt Magazine. My favourite post so far is How We All Become Failures by Kaitlin Fontana. I, too, am a fanatic for success, a lover of perfection, and a sucker for doing things right. Of course I’ve failed at many things — driving tests in particular. I’ve felt that tightening in my chest after receiving an exam mark that wasn’t as high as I thought it would be. I’ve had tears in my eyes when telling my parents about an agent who rejected me or a job that I didn’t get.

There’s nothing quite like that lump in your throat when you’ve disappointed someone, when you burn dinner or forget to pick up your brother, when you haven’t reached your potential.


There are so many ways to fail in life and thanks to social media, they’re all out in the open. I wonder what the silver lining is to being a failure. Is there one? Often we learn from our mistakes and sometimes we become better people, so maybe it’s okay to fail once in a while.

At least our failures have the potential to become great stories some day.

Love Always

Vanessa Xo

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