Understanding. Appreciation. RESPECT. Gilmore Girls.

I have a new appreciation for weekends, a new appreciation for naps, a new appreciation for spending time with the people I love. I have a new respect for those who do everything and still make time for themselves. I have a new respect for living in the moment.

I used to be all…


And now when things don’t go according to plan, I’m all…


This will be fun, it’ll be a thrill. Something stupid, something bad for me. Just something different. Isn’t this the point of being young? It’s your choice. People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute. If I go with this, it’s one less minute I haven’t lived. – (Paraphrased) Logan Huntzberger

It’s Sunday and my biggest plan for the day is to write this blog post — whatever else happens is up in the air. Right now, the sun is peeking through my blinds, I’m eyeing my typewriter and thinking of the next short story I’m going to write on it. I’m thinking about the amazing day I had yesterday and thanking my lucky stars that I got to spend it with the bf. I’m thinking about contentment, about being happy with all that I have and working hard to achieve everything I want.


Love Always 

Vanessa Xo

All Gilmore Girls references brought to you in part by my excitement for Lauren Graham’s new novel out APRIL 30th!



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