Share your Dreams and Win! [Giveaway]


My crush on Dogeared Jewels and Gifts occurred suddenly a few months back when I was scouring the Chapters website  for something to purchase. I stumbled on these wonderful necklaces and thought Mama needs one of those! I headed over to the Dogeared website and poked around a bit, looking for something to add to my birthday wish-list. Which I found — but I’ll get to that in a second.

Dogeared is a family owned business (a husband and wife team, Marcia and Merlin Clarke) with its headquarters in Culver City, California. Their charms are custom-made in the design studio and made-to-order. What I love most about their product is the message that comes with each necklace. This simple card makes each piece much more personal. It says this necklace was made for you, to inspire you, right now

My favourite Dogeared collections include Make A WishWhispers, 3 Wishes, and Love. I found my favourite piece in the Make A Wish collection: lovely charms, pretty chains, and lots of positive energy. These necklaces remind you to wish without limits!

My necklace of choice: free bird.


As a Writer I’ve always had an obsession with quills, they’ve always represented “WRITER” to me. That’s one reason I fell for this feather — the other reason is the meaning behind the charm. I want to wear this necklace as a reminder to be curious, to open my heart to all different possibilities, to be free to take chances. I want to wear it as a reminder that I am a Writer and I must follow my dreams.

I got in touch with the wonderful people at Dogeared and they have agreed to run a giveaway for this beautiful necklace on my blog — so that YOU can wear it as a reminder to follow your dreams, whatever they may be. Get this, they also sent ME my very own free bird necklace!!!!


This necklace has quickly become my favourite everyday piece. It’s sweet, subtle, dainty, and goes with any outfit. It’s the perfect length too, not too long and not too short. It’s always visible with what I’m wearing and I’ve gotten tonnes of compliments on it.

Here’s how to win:

Step One: LIKE Dogeared Jewelry on Facebook

Step Two: Using the Hashtag #DogearedDreams, post a picture on Twitter or Instagram that represents YOUR passion/dreams.

Be creative!

Please be sure to include myself @VanessaGrillone and @DogearedJewelry in your tweet/Instagram pic.

GOOD LUCK and may all of your DogearedDreams come true! 

Love Always 

Vanessa Xo 

The contest runs from today (MARCH 28th) until midnight on APRIL 4th, 2013 (my birthday). I will announce the winner on April 5th!

I have something else for you, for the duration of the giveaway week, Dogeared Jewelry has offered my wonderful readers 10% off of their first/next purchase, just use promo code DEDREAMS10 and you’re good to go!



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