she who prepares well, is always ready.

Family Time, Just for Fun, Lifestyle/Personal

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. Life’s changing, gears are turning, and nerves and anxiety are taking a gross toll on my body. Something good has been confirmed, that “just kidding” moment did not rear its ugly head. So now I must prepare for CHANGE.

My boss always says to me, she who prepares well, is always ready. The simple truth. However preparations don’t necessarily rid of the claustrophobic feeling that raises in my heart whenever a change is on the horizon. Could preparing be enough of a distraction from that? Is it possible to turn that kind of nerves into excitement? I hope so.

Thank goodness I have my family, always quick with an encouraging word or a soothing sentiment or the always helpful “Can you effing relax already! It’ll be fine!” I like that one the most, it just oozes with honesty and love.


Love Always

Vanessa Xo

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