I had my first intelligent thought (of the day) at 9:30 pm last night

il_570xN.204886448_largeYesterday I was pretty brain-dead. I don’t think one decent thought hatched inside of my head. My thought bubble was bare. I floated through the day unaware of anything or at least not acknowledging any of it. It seems that my brain was on a mini vacation until 9:30 pm.

I had my first intelligent thought at 9:30 pm last night while I was sweeping the floor at work.

Take pride in all that you do, from the little tasks to the big ones.

Where exactly that came from I have no idea, but I liked it. If I remember, I’d like to think that thought each and every day. When you take pride in what you do, you do things right. The floor at work will sparkle, your blog posts will have no spelling errors, you’ll write the story you’ve always wanted to, you’ll help throw the best baby shower in the world for your sister, you’ll get good marks on your last few assignments, you’ll impress people, and most importantly you’ll impress yourself.

And it all starts with pride, although pride can be a double-edged sword at times, can’t it?

Love Always 

Vanessa Xo


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