Throwback Thursday #TBT

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Pictures are worth a thousand words, a hundred tears, a million smiles, and if you’re lucky, only a couple of frowns. In attempt to find pictures to post on Instagram for THROWBACK THURSDAY, I scrolled through photos of places I’ve been, people I’ve traveled with, family events, birthdays, candid photos, and suddenly I was hit with a burst of nostalgia that I’ve never felt before. My eyes filled with water, I tasted salt on my lips.

 So much time has passed. So many years have flown by. Everything is always happening so fast.

Where does time go?!



Every moment, every decision, every mistake I’ve made has led to this — right now. I don’t think I’ve appreciated all of the great experiences I’ve had, even the crappy ones are worth remembering.

time_flies_but_youre_the_pilot-213730_largeToday I was flooded with memories.

I felt short of breath.

I was drowning in the past,

but in the best possible way.

I really didn’t mind at all.

Love Always

Vanessa Xo

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