Reconnecting with Roots!

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When was the last time you walked into a Roots store? Mine was the other day and I loved the feeling that I got the second I walked in. I felt Canadian. I wanted to grab a pair of boots, a cozy sweater, a few friends, and go up to Muskoka, or for a hike, or on a camping trip.  I wanted to say “eh” a lot and enjoy the changing Canadian weather, the crisp nip of Fall on my face. I don’t think I’ve ever felt all of that when walking into a store – normally I’m overcome with dread.

When I finally got over my feelings and started to check out the clothes and try them on, I remembered why I love Roots so much. Stylish, comfy, and great quality. I live for comfort and I hope to look cute while doing so – Roots can accomplish both.

While walking around I was introduced to their Travel Alberta campaign.

You can check out the Travel Alberta look book here.

I tried on a the Vintage Long Sleeve Tee, a Beaver Intarsia Crew, and the Maple Intarsia Cardigan. The Cardigan is adorable and with a pair of tights and leg warmers, you’d make a great Fall/Winter outfit! I decided on a black Vintage Long Sleeve Tee, a Roots key chain, and a Roots leather coin purse (Thanks Roots!).


I have to admit that I spent the most time checking out their boots, purses, and wallets (Leather Heaven as I named it in my head). I had no idea that Roots carried such amazing leather handbags and wallets. There’s something “woodsy”, Canadian, durable, and yet totally feminine about all of their leather products. Next time I go in, I think I’m going to get a zip-up wallet to match my coin purse *cue drool*.

photo copy

The best thing about Roots is the quality of the clothes. You can tell just by feeling the material that it’s going to last more than a few cycles in the wash, in fact I have a few pairs of sweat pants and sweaters that I bought a good five to seven years ago that are STILL warm and looking new.  So, I’d take a venture into a Roots store next time you’re walking by one, bring the boyfriend with you – their men’s section is super stylish and comfy!

You might be pleasantly surprised at how much you’ve been missing!

Let me know if it makes you feel CANADIAN, Eh?

Love Always
Vanessa Xo

*Post previously on Roots Buzz Blog (September 2012). Roots Canada now has a fabulous Tumblr blog, check it out*

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