over or under – I just want to feel whelmed

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Uninspired. Underwhelmed. Not unhappy, just a little blah…


What a silly thing to complain about, being underwhelmed with life. I guess I’m a little crazy: I like to be busy, I enjoy feeling stressed, I like a little drama in my life, and I like to be dazzled sometimes. When I don’t feel any of those things, I feel like I’m wasting time, as though I SHOULD be busy doing something, enjoying something, or getting upset over something. I mean I just want to feel whelmed, not over or under, just whelmed. When something is happening in my life or when way too much is going on in my life I find that I want to write, to take pictures, to keep moving – right now I feel the opposite.


I AM trying to stay positive though, trying to be that the-glass-is-half-full kinda gal. I also find ways to keep busy i.e. cleaning, painting my nails, working out, gift-wrapping, reading — notice how I didn’t include writing? With all of this “spare time” on my hands, with all of these wasted hours, I should be working on my next novel. I don’t. I haven’t. Why? Because I don’t feel inspired. Today I came across this…

image copy

…exactly what I needed to see. And so, I’ve pulled up a chair and I’m ready to add a little inspiration to my life. I’m ready to add a little sparkle, a little chaos, some self-imposed stress, and even a few deadlines.

Call me crazy but I’m making it happen. 

Love Always
Vanessa Xo 

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