Positivity Breeds Productivity

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At one time or another I have been called Debbie-Downer, Bitter-Betty, and Sour-Puss-Sally. I guess you could say that (sometimes) I let my mood dictate my life, my work, and my attitude. As of late I’ve been trying my very hardest to be positive. It’s Christmas time, I’ve got some wonderful Christmas parties to attend, I’ve got some coffee dates scheduled, some writing time planned, some reading to do, some family bonding time to adhere to, and a few other (possibly) fantastic things coming up that I can’t yet tell you about.


I have MANY things to feel positive about and many things to be thankful for – why should I waste time being a Negative-Nancy? I’ve heard that positive thoughts breed positive results. I’ve also heard that positivity breeds productivity and that cannot be further from the truth false. When I feel good or optimistic I can write for hours on end, I can work out and not feel sleepy, I can try baking something, I can read non-stop. The better mood I am in, the more productive I can be! I guess you can call me Positive-Pam from now on — actually just call me Vanessa, I kind of like my name 😛

The only thing about happiness/positivity is… well Charlie Brown describes it best:


Well there’s no use dwelling on that! So stay tuned for some book reviews, a Buytopia Deal review (hopefully next weekend), my usual babbling, and maybe even a short story or two?

Love Always
Vanessa Xo

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