New Month, New Mantra

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Fact One: I start every new notebook with a mantra. I take my colourful gel pens and graffiti the inside cover of each new notebook with a quote that I want to keep in mind as I’m writing or living my life. Every notebook, to me, is like the beginning of a new chapter and each chapter deserves a title – a mantra.

Fact Two: My weekly mantras and little boosts of inspiration come from Not A Model Blog or This Is My Life or I’m Charming You or Pinterest.

Fact Three: It’s the first day of November and I want to feel inspired this month. I want to get sh*t done. I want to make big promises and I want to keep them. I want to scratch things off of my Bucket List.  I want to make big changes in my life, while making time for my favourites (family, friends, and the bf).

In the spirit of new beginnings, new mantras, and inspiration, here is my mantra for November (courtesy of the bf):

This month’s mantra “Hold your head up high and your middle finger even higher.” Go get ’em!

What are some of your favourite inspirational quotes, sites, mantras?

Share the love people!

Love Always
Vanessa Xo

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