Because… I Am A GIRL

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I first heard about Flurries Sheepskin from Valerie Stachurski, Director at Charming Media Inc. Their brand is 100% Canadian – which is enough of a reason for me to love it – and they have amazing products. I’ve been waiting to treat myself to one of their fabulous items (boots, slippers, flats) but couldn’t decide on what I wanted.

Today I purchased these puppies:

Why today? Well, because today is the International Day of the Girl and Flurries is donating $2 from every purchase (online or in stores) to Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl movement. You can learn more about this movement on Valerie’s blog or the Because I Am A Girl official website. I checked it out yesterday and I was moved by their mission:

“It only takes ONE girl to change the WORLD!

Plan’s Because I am a Girl initiative is a social movement that’s unleashing the power of Canadian girls, women – and everyone who matters to them – to claim a brighter, safer future for girls in the developing world.

  • Girls have the right to be educated.
  • Girls have the right to eat.
  • Girls have the right to be safe.
  • Girls’ rights are human rights.”

As a girl who has been lucky enough to be educated, to eat, to feel and be safe, and to have basic human rights, I need to get involved. I realize how easy it is to take things like education for granted and I think it’s time that we hold hands and help other girls receive all of the things they are entitled to. It’s time for The Girl Effect…


So, I get a great pair of cozy slippers shipped right to my door AND I get to help a great cause. Why don’t you? We can be Slipper-Buddies (is too a thing!).

Love Always
Vanessa Xo

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