When the cat's away, the mice will play – or so I've heard.

Family Time, Just for Fun, Lifestyle/Personal

Mama, Papa, and Brother have been at the cottage all week. Given my part-time job status, this is how I spent my time.

I had a few glasses of vino.

I made Portuguese sausage and toasted some bread!

I congratulated a friend on her new job 🙂

I made dinner with Sister!

I went to the Bf’s Zia and Zio’s house for dinner – Waffles begged us to bring him along. We did and he was very well-behaved! He had some yummy pasta and chicken and was so cozy that he fell asleep after.

“Thanks for having me over Alex’s Zia and Zio! Sorry for pooping on your lawn!”

Overall, it was a great week but I’m looking forward to having a full house again! I miss my Mama and Papa, and yes even Brother 😉

In other news, I’m 0 for 8 in the whole internship/job search but I’m staying positive.

All good things to those who wait.

Love Always 
Vanessa Xo

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