“Nor would it be much fun.”

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I saw a picture of this book on Instagram and had to get my hands on it. Normally I don’t love collections of short stories since you don’t have enough time to fall in love with or get attached to the characters. I’m actually enjoying it more than I expected and I really love the introduction by Bob Shacochis.

On smoking, drinking, and screwing:

“They inspire great writing and bring a reader’s blood to the boiling point. Without them, the world might be simple and clean, but it wouldn’t be deliciously, fascinatingly, pathetically human, would it?

– Nor would it be much fun.”

I don’t smoke, I don’t drink very much, and I’m not all for promiscuity but I what I take from this quote is that experience is the best kind of writing inspiration. Writing about good times, bad times, ‘sins’, or mistakes is the only way to get your reader to fall into your words. Nobody is perfect and it is our mistakes that make us truly human. It is the ability to relate them, to share them, and to tell them, that makes a good writer.

Love Always 
Vanessa Xo


P.S. I am totally into this song. Love it?

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