It’s My Life and I’ll Write it all Down.

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I’ve been reading The Distant Hours by Kate Morton, and although it’s a slow read, the writing is delicious and smooth.

I love that line “Your voice is your own; it matters”. It’s so easy to forget about your voice sometimes. It’s much easier to agree with others then cause a huge stink. But why take the easy route? You’re never going to agree with everyone and I don’t think that there is any point in stifling your thoughts, your words, or your feelings – especially when it comes to something you feel so strongly about.

I used to keep quiet about a lot of things but to the demise of my beloved friends, family, and bf, I have learnt to speak my mind, to write the way that I feel, to observe, to question, and to fight. My brother, I assume, has seen the worst side of me when it comes to stating my opinion about something, but I think he kind of enjoys fighting with me about things, to see how far I’ll take it, how much I really care about the subject.

I don’t think it is necessary to pick a fight just to pick a fight but I know that everyone has a right to their opinion. I know that no one should be taken advantage of.

I know that whether it be through the written word or the spoken one,

your voice is your own – it is important, and you should use it. 

Love Always 
Vanessa Xo

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