“Get Up and Live!”

Just for Fun

This morning while I was having a peanut butter and chocolate chip muffin, I checked Facebook to see what was going on. As I did so, I couldn’t help but wonder why I even still have a Facebook account – sometimes it seems so trivial, so silly – and then I saw this status:

Get up and live!

It was posted by a girl that I went to elementary and high school with and I found myself suddenly happy that I had her as a friend (on Facebook and in real life). Thanks for your status update today, Sarina – those four little words made a profound impact on my day and the attitude I went to work with. Get up and live! Such a simple command/idea/mantra.

Get up and enjoy your day.

Get up and DO SOMETHING that you love, with someone that you love.

Get up and live!

This picture is what MY LIFE is all about, following my dreams.

Love Always
Vanessa Xo

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