You Can't Live with Him & You Can't Live without Him

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…even if it is quieter and cleaner without him around. Yes, I am referring to my little brother who has been on a trip to France and Spain since last Friday! If you remember this blog, you’ll know that my brother went away last year during March break, with the school, and I missed him a lot. This year I’ve gotten to FaceTime with him a few times, once while he was in Paris and once while he was in Madrid.

HI JOE!! *Waves uncontrollably*

Anywho, the poor kid caught some kind of virus on the way there and hasn’t really been able to enjoy himself as much as he did when he was in Italy last year. He looks a little pale and said that he hasn’t been eating much – I think he should just get his ass back home, in Bolton. Where even though his loud music, messy room, and smarts attitude will indeed piss me off, at least he’s home. At least he isn’t all the way across an ocean, at least he’s close enough for me to smack him one 😉 . It’s true what they say, you can’t live with him and you can’t live without him.

Those who know me will know well enough that my brother and I fight, a lot. As a matter of fact I think we both enjoy pissing each other off BUT we do care when the other person isn’t there, or when we know that they are in pain. The other day when I heard his voice my eyes immediately watered (yes, I have a heart!) and I couldn’t control my tears. Then yesterday as I drove home from Woodbridge, with the sun in my eyes, my windows rolled down, and a delicious coffee in my hand, I began to cry. My sister told me once that this had happened to her, her heart was so full of happiness, so full of light, that she started to bawl like a baby. I (obviously) made fun of her and karma decided that I would pay for it by feeling like an idiot and experiencing the same thing.

I know that good times are often followed by not so great ones but I also know that when you’re happy you should ENJOY BEING HAPPY. Live fully in the moment because each and every moment of your life is important, significant, and will never be repeated. 

Oh, and try to think positively (and not hate me for being happy and optimistic).

Life CAN BE as good as you want it to be.

Love Always 
Vanessa Xo


Miss you, Bro.

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